Many voices. One philosophy.

Together we strive toward a single goal of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

We invest in high-quality small and mid-cap businesses that have impressive management teams, low leverage and demonstrated records of consistent growth.

We engage in fundamental analysis to identify these companies through a single focused approach.

Qualitative assessment - Quantitative analysis - Economic and investment outlook
  • Qualitative assessment

    of market leadership and long-term competitive advantage
  • Quantitative analysis

    of financials and projected growth
  • Economic and investment outlook

    to determine relevant macro trends
Qualitative assessment - Quantitative analysis - Economic and investment outlook

We believe investing in proven, high-quality companies leads to competitive returns with below-average risk over the market cycle.

The experience of our people, combined with our culture of teamwork, open dialogue and accountability, fuels an investment process that has stayed consistent since our inception in 1987.

Market outlook

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Both institutional and individual investors benefit from our disciplined approach.



Because we invest in our own strategies, our priorities are aligned with yours. We stick to our high-quality philosophy, even if we’re not rewarded in the short-term.

High-net-worth individuals

High-net-worth individuals

Our portfolio managers forge long-term relationships and communicate proactively. Our goal is always to protect and grow your assets.

Our strategies

US Small Cap Growth

Generally within the range of the Russell 2000® Growth Index, these companies tend to be smaller dynamic growers with strong profitability, which allows them to fuel their growth prospects.

US SMID Cap Growth

Our SMID strategy harnesses the best ideas from our small-cap and mid-cap portfolios to create a high-conviction, best ideas portfolio.

US Mid Cap Growth

Our Mid Cap strategy focuses the majority of assets on companies in the Russell MidCap® Index. Mid-cap companies are unique in that they are more stable than small-cap but can provide more exciting growth opportunities than large-cap.

US All Cap Growth

Offering the broadest range of stocks, our All Cap strategy combines the higher growth potential of our small- and mid-cap strategies with the added stability of larger, more mature companies.

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